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Legislative Activities and Committee

Physical Therapy Legislative Impact Day 2014, Thursday, January 23

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Dry Needling Statement and Position
• PTWA Dry Needling Statement
• PTWA Written Comment for November 14, 2011 Washington State Board of Physical Therapy Meeting

Spinal Manipulation Information Resources
Letter to Legislators about spinal manipulation education from the three Washington state DPT program directors
Manipulation talking points
Spinal manipulation training requirements in chiropractic and physical therapy curriculum

Legislative Committee Members
Robin Schoenfeld - chair
Steve Allen
Jennifer Anderson
Elaine Armantrout
Bob Boyles
Susan Chalcraft
Cheryl French Nevin
Mickie Hucke
Jennifer Lesko
Sharon McCallum
Heidi Mills
Pat Muchmore
Brian Power

Betsy Rigsbee
Daphne Ryan - Federal Affairs Liaison
Cathleen Tarro
Julie Vernon