Nominating Committee and Elections

Chair: Susan Chalcraft
Additional Members:
Donelle Odren
Jim Shepherd
The slate proposed by the PTWA Nominating Committee for the 2017 ballot includes the candidates below. Please submit additional nominations using this form by August 7, 2017 when the ballot closes.
  • Treasurer - Zach Steele
  • Eastern Washington At-Large Director - Noel Ybarra
  • Professional Enhancement Panel Director - Meryl Gersh
  • Chief Delegate - Jenny Jordan
  • Delegate (six two-year terms; one one-year term; plus two alternates) - Ken Call, Susan Chalcraft, Matt Currier, Carrie Hall, Jennifer Lesko, Murray Maitland, Ryan McElgunn, Donelle Odren, Carley Rissman, Daphne Ryan, Amanda Scharen, 
  • PTA Caucus Representative - Vince Nguyenpham
  • Nominating Committee - Amanda Scharen