Nominating Committee and Elections

Chair: Donelle Odren
Additional Members:
Susan Chalcraft
Amanda Scharen
2018 Proposed Slate:
(except for delegate race, one will be elected in each category)

President Elect
Ben Boyle
Meryl R. Gersh

Vice President
James Shepherd

Susanne Michaud

Western Washington at-Large Director
Andrew Lodato
Robert Sheridan

Practice Panel Director
No candidates

Special Interest Group Panel Director
Brett Neilson

PTA Director
Brian Gerald Hartley
Vincent Nguyenpham

Nominating Committee
Amanda Costigliola
Rita Davis

Delegates to the APTA House of Delegates
(five plus two alternates to be elected)
Matthew Currier
Brett Neilson
Natasha Parman
Rachel Prusynski
Carley Rissman
Amanda Scharen
Aimee Winston